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LTI's LaserGIS is a software extension for ArcPad® that expedites the process of setting up and storing the laser's measurements with fewer steps and more flexibility for the user. Built on ArcPad's current platform, the software enhancement makes it an easy addition for current users as the workflow is the same except the new LaserGIS toolbar makes collecting data quicker and easier. Using LTI lasers for GIS data collection increases your productivity because the need to physically occupy the locations you have to record is eliminated. That's great, but your laser needs to work seamlessly within your GIS software. LaserGIS is the first robust software extension that significantly enhances ArcPad®’s current laser offset functionality. No extensive training needed and increased field productivity translates into saving time (which as we all know also means saving money) LTI's LaserGIS for ArcPad® is a must have for GIS data collection.

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