Le Groupe Sygif Inc

Rimouski, QC, Canada


The Groupe SYGIF inc. is the offspring of the Forestry Information Management System experiment which was conducted under the Forestry Canada's Eastern Quebec Forestry Program. Implemented in 1989 and set up for private forestland management, this was the first such system throughout Quebec to resort to GIS technologies. At the end of the program for which this system was conceived, March 31 1996, the Groupe SYGIF inc. was established with the help of the human resources already involved, to adapt and develop GIS applications based on this experiment and intended for managing forest resources while maintaining our efforts in the development of related information systems and services.



The Groupe SYGIF inc. Is a company based on development of applications and services especially in environmental sector. We offer system in system integration , consultancy at various levels, and GPS services. We have several specialists in area of forest engineering, biology, GIS programming, analysis and system architecture. GIS Development and services Costs and needs assessment Analysis and technical implementation GIS configuration and installation Training on GIS (Esri®), GPS (TRIMBLE®) and Database (ORACLE®) Digitizing and structuring data 3-D photogrammetric mapping tools

Services Provided:

Application Development, GIS Strategy and Planning, Implementation