Lead Serviços Fundiários Ltda

Belo Horizonte, Brazil


Lead Gestão Fundiária is a company specialized in providing services related to real estate issues in infrastructure, mining, industrial, agribusiness and other sectors in which real estate is essential for the development of its activity. In 2023, Lead joined the ESRI Partners group, through Imagem, which is the distributor of ESRI solutions in Brazil. The partnership was consolidated from the need recognized by Lead, to improve the use of ESRI technologies for the improvement of land processes in major Players in the Brazilian market, Lead as one of the main companies in the segment, makes use of solutions, such as ArcGis Pro/ArcGis Online for job development, compilation and delivery to customers. Promoting an interactive, easily accessible environment where the customer controls and receives all products with geospatial data, documents and projects organized and handled. The digitization of processes obtained through ESRI solutions adds even more reliability to the data obtained, such as security and traceability in disclosing them.