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Forest Management and Inventory System & Tactical and Operational Planning Software Gain a bird’s-eye view of your forest with Stratus, a one-stop solution to consolidate your company’s forestry life cycle and timber supply chain activities—from start to finish. ✓ Plan and budget your silviculture, harvest, and construction operations ✓ Draft activities, monitor their progress, and track your key performance indicators ✓ Deploy your machinery and schedule operators strategically ✓ Master your inventory: always know what you have, how much, and where ✓ Identify data trends to maximize productivity and reduce costs ✓ Access data anywhere, from the office to the field ✓ Most importantly, enjoy looking at some sweet graphs Stratus is a SaaS solution built by industry experts to enable data-driven forest management. Built on the ArcGIS System, Stratus leverages your existing GIS resources: field collected and inventory data can be imported from ArcGIS apps like Field Maps and Survey123, Lim Geomatics solutions like Prism and Op Tracker, and third-party apps. It’s highly user-configurable, ensuring your platform stays precisely tailored to your company’s size, priorities, regulations, and workflows.


Defense, Environmental Management, Forestry

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