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Where in the world is your imagery? If you spend less time viewing your geospatial imagery than you spend on figuring out where the imagery is stored, then you need LizardTech GeoGofer. Use powerful search and filter features to find imagery by keyword, by projection, by file format, and more. Alternatively, browse all of your imagery on a single map and make it easy to find the images that you use most often with user-defined tags. Use tags to organize images by project, by recency, or by anything that makes sense to you—but never again struggle to find your images. GeoGofer ties into the robust ArcGIS Online ecosystem. When you save image information in GeoGofer, the information is stored on ArcGIS Online as a feature service. As a result, your image information is always backed up and always accessible. The GeoGofer feature service includes image outlines, projection information, custom tags that you apply, and much more. If you’re ever away from your computer, you can view and download the image information through ArcGIS Online. Plus, you can choose to make the feature service accessible to applications like ArcMap that support signing in to your ArcGIS Online account. You can even share the feature service with groups in your organization or with the public.


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