Lemur Configurable GIS Integration Platform

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Lemur is designed specifically for use by non-GIS field users - maintenance crews, inspectors, and others who are expert in pipes, wires or other infrastructure, but not GIS. With a zero-training approach to usability, automatic offline data sync and the ability to drive workflows directly from the work order management app, Lemur is a low-TCO way to get GIS data and tools into the hands of your field teams. Lemur is a configurable platform for adding maps to any business application. With a combination of services and a configurable map control built on the Esri Runtime for ArcGIS, Lemur can geocode business data and place it on the map with your GIS feature classes to provide an integrated view of your data, and allow you to initiate workflows directly from the map. Lemur services also provide a configuration engine and a means to centrally manage offline GIS data provided to each device including extents and refresh frequency. The Lemur Pro app provides a configure-once, run anywhere mobile GIS experience for iOS, Windows and Android, and connects on-device with other business applications including Salesforce Field Service Lightning and Click Mobile, with a list that is constantly growing.


Electric & Gas,Water, Wastewater & Stormwater

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