Locusview, Inc.

Chicago, IL, United States


Locusview provides digital as-builting construction solutions to the gas utility, gas pipeline, electric utility, telecom and water industries. At Locusview, we get up in the morning to help energy utilities build a safer world and prepare for the coming challenges of building a smarter energy infrastructure. Our obsession with data accuracy and integrity drives all of our major decisions. This is why we built the world’s best digital as-built platform for energy infrastructure, bridging the gap between design and the system of record. Implementing disruptive technologies requires a deep understanding of complex processes and a “do-what-ever-it-takes” commitment to customer success; both strongly embedded in our DNA. In the past years, we have orchestrated large-scale implementations with the leading energy utilities in the US, helping them digitize the construction of capital projects from end to end. Together with our clients, we are productizing industry best practices allowing all of our users to leverage the successes and lessons learned from our growing network of users. We truly believe that change starts from the end-user, this is why we have decoupled the user experience from the underlying technology. This is also what gives us our innovative edge – we stay ahead of the game and bring new ideas to the table, with bold thinking that re-imagines construction operations.



CONSULTING Our team of experts help implement industry best practices for digital construction, including as-builting and materials traceability. We work with our clients to define requirements, design workflows, develop company-specific training plans and support deployments. CLOUD HOSTING Locusview Cloud conforms to the highest security requirements and has been accepted for temporary and permanent data storage by critical infrastructure operators. Locusview services and database operate in an elastic self-scaling architecture to ensure reliability and availability in response to actual load. GovCloud can be available upon request. RTK We offer a network of base stations to provide access to real-time GPS correction sources to increase accuracy and reliability. This approach provides a significantly lower total cost of ownership compared to RTK annual subscription. MANAGED SERVICES Managed services include data plans, mobile device management, 24-hour bilingual HelpDesk and user on\off boarding. HARDWARE Various hardware options are available to support a diverse range of specifications and pricing models. TURNKEY SOLUTION Our turnkey solution allows us to provide a complete solution to including hardware, software and managed services.

Services Provided:

Business Case Development, Data Model & Database Design, Hosting Services, Implementation, Needs and Requirements, System Architecture and Design, System Integration, Training Services