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Locusview is an integrated digital construction solution that fills the gap between the design and the systems of record providing a streamlined Design>As-Built>GIS workflow. The platform enables the collection, real-time validation and management of field construction data. IN THE FIELD: SENSORS Sensor-based data collection (such as fusion machines, pressure sensors, high accuracy GPS receivers and barcode scanners) allow data to be automatically captured for efficiency and data integrity. HIGH ACCURACY GPS Pioneering innovative methods that allow high accuracy GPS data (up to decimeter accuracy for x,y, and z coordinate) to be collected by construction crews with minimal training. To increase accuracy and reliability, real-time correction is available through a network of base stations. FIELD WORK VALIDATIONS Validations can be configured to ensure that the correct materials were installed by qualified people using the correct tools in accordance with project design parameters. Validations allow errors to be identified and corrected in real-time before the project is submitted to the office for review. PAPERLESS Completely eliminate paper-based data collection and manually sketching. A unified data model standardizes work practices across the enterprise, including diverse contract crews. Cloud hosting allows rapid deployment and scaling. IN THE OFFICE: FIELD WORK VISUALIZATION Automatic syncing of field data enables real-time visibility of work progress and communication of design changes and abnormal operating conditions with engineer and supervisors. REVIEW & APPROVE A guided review and approve checklist ensures project data is complete and accurate prior to demobilization and export to reports and the system of record. SYSTEMS INTEGRATION Data integration is automated using restful APIs or replication methods, enabling auto-syncing and updates. GIS and work orders can be imported into our platform. Field collected data is automatically sent to the enterprise systems of record including GIS and work and asset management systems. AS-BUILT REPORTS As-built reports with sketches, material lists and other closing package information can be automatically generated. Sketches include symbology, reference points and dimension lines. The reports are highly configurable to meet company format and content requirements.


Electric & Gas, Telco, Water, Wastewater & Stormwater

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