Looking Glass Analytics, Inc.

Olympia, WA, United States


Looking Glass Analytics is an award-winning provider of research and technology services. The company offers (1) GIS Web applications and GIS support services, (2) hosted or delivered Web-based business intelligence and reporting systems, (3) data processing and analytic support for large data systems, and (4) basic research and evaluation services to any organization that needs information for decision making. SAS Integration—If interested in integrating ESRI mapping and spatial analysis with SAS data management and business intelligence, look no further. Looking Glass Analytics maintains business partnerships with both ESRI and SAS and develops applications in both software environments at an expert level. Employees at Looking Glass Analytics play significant organizational roles at local, regional, and national SAS user groups and conferences. The Looking Glass Analytics' team of dedicated research and technology professionals prides itself on customer satisfaction and works hard to implement quality analytic IT solutions for its customers.