Nationwide Parcel Data Aggregated from Local Tax Assessors: 140 Million Parcels

By Loveland Technologies LLC

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What we offer 146 million parcel boundaries and records covering 95% of Americans, plus associated parcel data for your maps, apps, or database. Why it's valuable and why you should work with us America is made of parcels of land. People live on parcels of land, buildings exist on parcels of land, businesses operate on parcels of land, and everything that happens in America happens on a parcel of land. Having great data about the underlying land grid of parcel shapes, ownership, and assessments is fundamental to all businesses and research projects that rely on property and spatial information. Let us provide that data to you. We tirelessly assemble and refresh a nationwide dataset of more than 146 million parcel boundaries and records covering 95% of Americans, and weave it all into a standardized format that makes it easy to work with. Whether you’re geocoding existing data to the proper address, adding parcels to your maps, reaching owners, or want to stir this nationwide property information into your existing data analyses, we have you covered. We are fast, friendly, affordable, fair, and our terms will make you smile. The best pricing for the best data We deliver parcel data in Shapefile, FileGDB, GeoJSON, CSV and SQL formats. Nationwide parcel boundaries with all attributes: $25,000/year Nationwide parcel boundaries with address and owner: $15,000/year Nationwide United States Postal Service data with uniform residential property flags and vacancy information add-on: $25,000/year Nationwide spreadsheet data, no parcel boundaries: $10,000/year Individual state parcel boundaries and all attributes: $5,000/year Individual county boundaries and all attributes: price upon request


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