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Streets are typically among the highest-profile and most costly systems under your agency’s purview. Lucity Streets & Traffic is an integrated and comprehensive tool that addresses those high expectations head on, providing you with an invaluable tool for trend analysis, project prioritization, reporting and budget justification. And, connected with GIS, you can tie important infrastructure data directly to specific locations within your traffic system. With Streets & Traffic, you can: *Track bridge inspection information and easily develop reports for regulatory compliance with Lucity Bridges. *Get a complete picture of your roadway and pavement assets with Lucity Rights-of-Way, which gives you the ability to identify and track attribute and condition information on assets like sidewalks, pavement markings and medians. *Use the exceptional forecasting tools in Lucity Pavement Analysis to track pavement condition ratings and develop budget scenarios that can be used to determine appropriate maintenance schedules. *Rely on the intuitive Lucity Signs module to record and maintain inspections for each sign in your system. *Effectively manage and maintain traffic signals and components with Lucity Signals, which maintains signal timing, sequence, overlap, preemptor and permissive data in a logical tabular format. *With Lucity Streetlights, manage the inventory and inspection of streetlight controllers, circuits and heads. *Turn piles of traffic count data sheets into an organized information repository with Lucity Traffic Analysis, which also lets you determine accident causes by calculating accident rates, generating collision diagrams and developing pin maps within GIS. Integrated with other Lucity transportation management applications and GIS, Lucity Traffic Analysis lets you calculate Annual Growth Rates for your pavement network. *Earn the information leverage necessary to request maintenance and operations budget increases.


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