Utilities Asset Management (Water, Sewer, Electric, Plant, Equipment)

By Lucity, Inc

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Our utilities applications are our powerhouse, built by engineers and constantly enhanced through the valuable feedback of people like you. Lucity streamlines the complicated environment that is your utility system to precisely meet your needs. With Lucity Utilities, you can: *Comprehensively track, test and manage water distribution, raw water and recycled water systems with Lucity Water, one of the most powerful tools in our arsenal. *Maintain the integrity of your sanitary system with Lucity Sewer, which offers the data you need to prioritize system rehabilitation and analyze inflow/infiltration removal. *Ensure your storm water system operates at its peak with Lucity Storm, which helps you manage maintenance and rehabilitation for conduits, basins, pumps and stations. *Easily track fleet and equipment inventory—including used parts and fluids—with Lucity Fleet, and perform comparisons using inspection records, fueling history and hour meter readings to identify inconsistencies that need investigation. *With Lucity Equipment, immediately view how an inoperable piece of equipment impacts dependent pieces of equipment, allowing you to schedule maintenance without disrupting service. *Use Lucity Facilities to store data for inventory and condition assessment, and track financial data on a facility site and its property, including leases, valuations, property tax and permits. *Access and analyze inventory information with built-in filtering and reporting, then use our fully-integrated inspection tool to manage condition assessment data. *Manage treatment plant equipment with hierarchically-based approach, letting you easily find, display and track necessary information. *Inventory assets and analyze trends to schedule cost-saving preventative maintenance and time-saving repairs. *Generate easy-to-read reports that provide meaningful summaries of your utility data. *Keep your compliance efforts in check with a central repository of regulatory information. *Integrate with Lucity Mobile to offer field crews an efficient way to record inspection results, and see this data seamlessly updated to the master system.


Aviation, Electric & Gas, Highways & Roads, Parks & Recreation, Public Works, Water, Wastewater & Stormwater

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