Lynker Analytics

Wellington, New Zealand


Lynker Analytics is an AI first, geospatial analytics company. Our mission is to unlock insights and relationships from complex environmental and business systems through advanced analytics and geospatial inference. We believe that artificial intelligence and machine learning when infused with spatial data, is a powerful tool to provide deeper insights into the impact, performance and resilience of all our connected systems.



Lynker Analytics provide consulting services in three key areas: 1. Location informed deep learning 2. Geospatial analytics 3. Data Visualisation Our unique utilisation of artificial intelligence and deep learning technologies will help our customers better predict and quantify the impact their business is having on the environment and help them understand the costs the environment is having on their business. We believe the next evolution of geospatial technology has Artificial Intelligence at its centre because of the far greater inference capability and scalability.

Services Provided:

Application Development, Implementation, System Architecture and Design