IoT Connector for ArcGIS

By M.A.P Scientific Services

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The MAPSS IoT Connector is a cloud-native solution for ArcGIS that allows users to consume streaming data in real-time. Data from the Internet of Things (IoT) platforms, third-party APIs, or message brokers are made available as a hosted feature layer that can be used in any maps and/or apps in ArcGIS Online. The IoT Connector allows the user to leverage real-time data for essential operational decisions such as tracking assets or remote monitoring. MAPSS deploys the IoT Connector and configures the hosted feature layer for your organization. Additional services include configuring applications on ArcGIS Online based on the organization’s requirements. The IoT Connector is best suited for organizations that want to integrate low to medium volume data streams with ArcGIS Online.


Conservation, Environmental Management, GIS, Mining

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