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envVision is a GIS based solution for environmental data management - for interdisciplinary environmental analyses and planning. envVision comes up to the actual and prospective challenge of the EU environmental directives, INSPIRE or SEIS: • Data management, envVision on the one hand is meant for the administration of huge amounts of data and supports data storage and delivery. • Planning management, envVision on the other hand is the IT solution supporting the environmental planning processes. The impulse for developing envVision was the adoption of the EU environmental noise directive (2002/49/EC). This directive launches a new quality in terms of noise abatement: away from occasionally towards area-wide and periodically recurring analyses and planning processes. This change creates completely new requirements for data administration and storage and computer aided process support especially for noise abatement but also for environmental protection in general.


Community Development, Environmental Management, Petroleum, Water, Wastewater & Stormwater

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