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WindPASS is a commercially available ArcGIS runtime software suite developed in JAVA which is used by windpark planning companies. As WindPASS makes use of the ArcGIS plattform at least one named user is required to run these applications. Nevertheless both applications can be started and used separately their full benefit can only be realized when both applications are used in parallel. WindPASS shadow and noise both calculate the influence of wind turbines either spatially for the surrounding area or on specific susceptibility points like the windows of houses. In both applications the user can load as many wind turbines and susceptibility points as needed into the application or position and move these in the map around interactively. Each wind turbine has its own characteristic modules like rotor blade diameters, sound volumes and other attributes. For each wind turbine which is positioned in the map the user can choose from a list of more than 200 wind turbines types which are available in the market. For each susceptibility point the applications calculate either their noise or the shadow flicker influences simultaneously. The user gets the results directly indicated in the map or as distinct values for each susceptibility point as listed reports. In WindPASS noise the results will be presented either as a map with equivalent isophone lines and with colored lines between each wind turbine and susceptibility point. As the influence of the sound from each wind turbine is logarithmically summed at each susceptibility point the color of each line indicated the amount of influence on each susceptibility point with. The report tell the user the number of accumulated sound pressure values at each susceptibility point either as a sum of all wind turbines or for each single wind turbine. The noise accumulation method is based on the ISO standard 9136-2 and takes several factors like an air attenuation coefficient into account.


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