Solution for TowerCos and DAS Providers

By M2Catalyst LLC

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1) Perform Rapid Analysis of M&A Portfolios - Quickly analyze large tower portfolios (10,000 sites or more) to gauge lease-up potential for non-tenant MNOs. - Self-service: Upload 1,000 sites at a time for automated reporting on CSV and KML search areas. 2) Improve Co-Location Sales Arm sales personnel with business intelligence to identify the cell sites on which each non-tenant MNO has the strongest need for co-location. 3) Automate DAS Opportunity Reporting Analyze up to 1,000 buildings per hour to find locations where DAS systems are clearly needed. 4) Identify Cell Site Locations with M2's AI-Generated Global PoP Database M2 has harnessed the power of AI to process trillions of anonymized network performance data points, enabling us to build one of, if not the most, complete global PoP Cell Site databases in the world.



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