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At Magnasoft, we have an unparalleled understanding of the power of geospatial data. Through our suite of services, we integrate geospatial intelligence into your business processes, helping you plan better, design quicker, and engineer faster. With a proven track record and experience in this ever-evolving field, Magnasoft is your trusted partner for all things geospatial. We combine our deep domain expertise with independent thinking, a spirit of entrepreneurship, and a culture of collaboration to help our customers across the globe make better business decisions and solve their most pressing challenges through insight from geospatial information and services. The wide range of geospatial services that we offer include: • Geospatial Mapping • Engineering & Design • Geospatial Analysis Our knowledgeable team of experts is constantly developing new strategies and services to ensure that we remain at the forefront of technology to help you unlock the potential of geospatial insight to build more intelligent and better decisions through innovative, reliable, and cost-effective geospatial services. These services find application across various industries such as Telecom, Utilities, Land Administration, Autonomous & Navigation, Architecture, Engineering, Mining, Construction, and Forestry, among others. Want to maximize the potential of your assets using the power of transformational geospatial data? Connect with us for a free assessment today!



Geospatial Mapping Services: We provide comprehensive insights into land use, urban structures, and utility networks. Our services in this domain include detailed urban and land use mapping, network mapping for utilities, and advanced image processing. We focus on topography, terrain modeling, land use/cover analysis, 3D city modeling, network mapping for electric, gas, and water utilities, and telecom network mapping, which is crucial for infrastructure planning and maintenance. Engineering & Design Services: In our engineering and design services, we significantly focus on telecom & utility engineering. We offer advanced network planning and design services, crucial for building robust telecom and utility infrastructures. Our expertise in digital twin technology and engineering solutions makes us a leader in this sector. Additionally, we provide comprehensive Building Information Modeling (BIM) services, including 3D and 2D modeling, structural, MEPF, and facade design, and 4D construction simulations. Our services also extend to structural engineering, prefabrication and modular construction, and process plant engineering. Geospatial Analysis Services: We offer deep insights into spatial data, aiding decision-making in urban development, environmental management, and more. This includes change detection analysis, smart city data modeling, routing optimization with HD maps, HD maps analysis, and image pattern recognition.

Services Provided:

Data Conversion/Migration, Data Model & Database Design, GIS Strategy and Planning, Needs and Requirements