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By MAP2U Sdn Bhd

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Our team with over then 60 peoples have a multidiscipline knowledge and skill from Geomatic, Land Survey, Town Planners, Science Computer, Business Administrative, Multimedia, Human Resources and other related fields that support to create more value on our platform offering. With GIS Technology that bring up A framework to organize, communicate, and understand the science of our world, its making more interesting to explore and connected with the real world. Based on current demand on the GIS Technology Platform, Our team currently develop the SmartMap for Organisation to visualize the information through single dashboard. Smartmap for organisation support and cross organisation such as Education, Health, Insurance, Manufacturing, Petroleum, Public safety, real estate, retail, sustainability, telecommunication, transportation, electric & gas, Natural Resources, Government, water and many mores. Smartmap for organisation is already establish by ArcGIS Technology Platform that our company as Value Partner Network (VPN). We create external tools to connected with the ArcGIS Platform based on customer expectation. Currently we offer our customers with Augmented Reality (AR) for Underground Utilities that serve the customers to view all the underground asset using smart devices and connected with our platform in real time. Underground utilities including sewage pipe, power cables, drainage and communication cables are invisible to the naked eyes and thus hard to detect the exact location. Currently the position and information of the underground utilities are digitalize into GIS, however it is limited to on screen computers or paper plans which is difficult to be visualized in real world on site location. Hence accurate information regarding the existing underground utilities is required in the planning, installation of new utilities and excavation of existing utilities. Lack of knowledge on this may result in fatality and catastrophic damages of existing underground utilities and disruption to utility services. Industries may suffer greatly, in terms of financial lost if utility services such as power supplies are interrupted because of accidents during excavation works due to inaccurate utility information. Augmented reality (AR) can work with our technology platform that collates the recorded GPS locations of assets from various sources to visualize their position in the real world.

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