MapLogic Layout Manager

By MapLogic Corporation

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MapLogic Layout Manager is an extension to ArcGIS which provides all the tools necessary to create and print multiple page layouts, map series and map books within ArcMap. ArcMap’s cartographic tools were designed to create very sophisticated individual maps. MapLogic Layout Manager was designed around the concept of multi-page maps. However, MapLogic Layout Manager does much more than just break up a map onto multiple pages. It handles all the details necessary for creating a true multi-page document just like your standard word processor will. Things like page numbering, indexing, two-sided printing, print previewing are all automatically handled by MapLogic Layout Manager. As part of creating map books, you will be able to make: Map Series - Maps that are broken into multiple pages Locator Maps - Overview maps that highlight the location of the current page in a series Key Maps - Overview maps that lists the page number where you can see the detailed map of an area Indexes - Listings of map features the pages they are located on Series Text - Text that changes from page to page MapLogic Layout Manager brings all the parts of a map book together in a single MXD. Each part of the book is aware of the other parts. For example, if you insert new page into the book, all the page numbers are automatically corrected, the map key will automatically update itself, the listings in the index will correct themselves to accommodate the new page and so on.

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