Lexington, KY, United States


Facing a new world economy and an increase in technology possibilities, especially mobile technology, MapSync’s business philosophy has moved toward developing, implementing, and supporting targeted solutions for our customers. These solutions primarily consist of professional services bundled with MapSync designed and developed software products (targeted tools and applications leveraging MapSync expertise and experience to solve problems). Empowering users to master mapping skills is still a part of who we are. However, because of rapid tech-nology changes, tightening budgets and the variety of technologies our customers are expected to integrate with, it is no longer feasible or practical to make this our primary focus. A better way to serve our customers is by embracing a bundled service approach to our business. Which means: everything we do (services, training, consulting, and software development) is focused on provid-ing quality and affordable solutions for the mapping related work our customers and clients perform every day.