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Have one common operating picture before, during, and after an incident. GEOcommand V can serve as the common situational awareness tool for all community services, including fire, police, public works, local utility companies, community planners, and tax assessors. Control and share your critical information securely—widely or narrowly. GEOcommand V is a graphical situational awareness interface for viewing critical assets and infrastructure. Through the use of a variety of GIS layers, first responders can now have addresses, structures, water supplies, utilities, and special populations mapped with all data available for quick and easy reference. Replace your paper copies, three ring binders, and hand-drawn maps with an unparalleled dynamic, interactive situational awareness tool. GEOcommand V delivers: •A detailed operating picture of your city for use in pre-planning and training thus ensuring the best response to an emergency. •An integration dashboard for additional city infrastructures represented in a “location-first” manner – visually on a map, with the ability to click through for current status. •An interactive regional map that includes details of critical sites within your city and neighboring jurisdictions. Compatible with GEOcommand Integrator to drill down into a campus or single building. This provides interactive floorplans and locations of critical assets within and around the building allowing for comprehensive facility management and emergency planning.


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