Boise, ID, United States


MarshallGIS is a nationally recognized software and services company specializing in innovative mobile resource and government asset management solutions. Our goal is to connect your world, by connecting vehicles, people, crews and systems that are critical to your operations. “LiGO®” is an innovative AVL/GPS sytem that helps managers understand what is really going on in their mobile operations. LiGO provides real time and historic location-based information and metrics to support the management of your people and your moving assets. LiGO can provide operations data to your email, your cell phone, or to key fields within your GIS or other business systems. LiGO is fully integrated with ArcGIS, Cityworks, IBM Maximo, InforPS/Hansen, and Lucity. EAM GeoKNX® Mobile, MarshallGIS’s flagship commercial-off-the-shelf Mobile GIS field solution, leverages existing geodatabase smart maps and EAM (assets, work orders, service requests), as well as GPS and other wireless technologies to support and automate location based field business activities such as map navigation, asset location, field data collection, condition updates, work order processing, inspections, and customer service response. For over 19 years, MarshallGIS has been supporting government, utility, and corporate operations with professional services to support connecting (GeoKNX) Esri’s ArcGIS with other enterprise asset management business systems and deploying mobile systems.



Since 1994, MarshallGIS has provided expert services assisting government, utility, and corporate operations streamline three key complex integrated business process problem areas: • GIS- EAM initial integration, design and synchronization • Integrated GIS-EAM data maintenance and data management • Mobile operations data work flows between the field and the back office MarshallGIS specializes in services for Esri GIS technologies and integrating GIS with Infor Hansen, Lucity and IBM Maximo. MarshallGIS has a highly skilled services team dedicated to making our customers GIS deployment and integration into existing systems successful. • Strategic Planning • Business Analysis • Data Services • Solution Development • Implementation Methodologies • GeoKNX software implementation • Education/Training/Tech Transfer