Marlin Digital Twin

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A TRUE NETWORK DIGITAL TWIN The Marlin Digital Twin ecosystem is built with a powerful and open architecture, enabling access to the right information for your users and flexibility to prepare for future changes. Built on top of the powerful ESRI GIS platform, you gain full access to a diverse set of ESRI applications. NETWORK INVENTORY Smart Network Inventory for all network infrastructure & equipment both outside plant & inside plant, automation flows, dynamic views. Layer 0 to Layer 3 Resources and Services. NETWORK MINING Real-Time Probing & Discovery for multi-vendor IP/optical equipment and services, enabling reconciliation for higher data quality. Discover the advantages of true network mining. NETWORK SIMULATION Simulate cable cuts or planned downtime, analyse the impact of equipment addition or removal. Perform SPOF analysis. Surf on dynamic fiber lightpaths both logical and physical.


Defense,Electric & Gas,GIS,Telco,Water, Wastewater & Stormwater

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