Meshek & Associates LLC

Tulsa, OK, United States


With over 20 years of experience in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Meshek & Associates, LLC operates a full scale GIS service department specializing in the capture, analysis, and management of geographic data, customized scripting application tools, data visualization, and cartography. With offices in Oklahoma City and Tulsa, our primary geographic service area is Oklahoma and the surrounding states of Arkansas, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, New Mexico, and Texas. At Meshek & Associates, we specialize in supporting municipal and county governments, utility districts, and state agencies for GIS needs in the areas of planning, emergency management, utilities, and floodplain management. These include: Internet and mobile mapping capabilities Operations dashboards Civic engagement Utility systems and solutions Field data collection and solutions Needs assessments Emergency operations and hazard mitigation applications Floodplain property determinations Demographic analysis Zoning maps FEMA initiatives including DFIRM geodatabase and FIRM panel layout Property and easement boundary determination and delineation



Utility Network Mapping and Solutions - Converting from CAD and PDF into GIS; field GPS verification of utility data; inventory and condition assessment of utility assets; online and mobile applications and operations dashboards. Field Data Collection and Mobile Solutions Capital Improvement Project Tracking Dashboards Floodplain Management and Mapping Emergency Management, Risk Assessment, and Hazard Mitigation Solutions Zoning Map Updates Easement Mapping GIS Needs Assessments and Program Management Recommendations

Services Provided:

Application Development, Business Case Development, Data Conversion/Migration, Data Model & Database Design, GIS Strategy and Planning, Implementation, Needs and Requirements, System Architecture and Design, System Integration, Training Services