Meteomatics AG

St Gallen, SG, Switzerland


Meteomatics is a weather data provider based in Switzerland. We collect data from a range of providers, with models covering the period 1980 - 2100. Our downscaling techniques mean that we are able to offer this data at unparalleled resolution, and all the data is available through a single, easy-to-use API endpoint. Meteomatics provides ESRI partners with weather data and solutions which integrate with GIS maps. Our derived products, such as flood risk projections, help decision makers plan for a resilient future. We develop new API parameters on request, provide meteorological expertise, and collaborate on weather and climate challenges with our partners.



We provide power forecasts for customers in the wind, solar and hydro power business. We also provide custom solutions for customers in the agriculture, automotive, aviation, energy, defense, insurance and logistics sectors.