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By Michael Baker International, Inc.

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Michael Baker owns and operates four (4) of the most innovative and productive surveying and mapping solutions using Mobile LiDAR technology. Michael Baker’s Mobile LiDAR employs dual-sensor systems capable of collecting over 1.2 million points per second. In addition, there are four pre-positioned 5-mega pixel cameras and one Ladybug 360° spherical camera capable of capturing up to 3 frames per second to facilitate sign identification, image draping, video compilation and overall scene comprehension; while advanced positioning systems provide the framework for accurate, repeatable, and defensible results. Michael Baker is the recognized leader in the Mobile LiDAR profession and has been the trusted provider of Mobile LiDAR services to Departments of Transportation (DOT) for the past ten (10) years. Michael Baker’s Mobile LiDAR Team is the most experienced, well-respected, proficient, well-travelled, and active within the profession. Our Mobile LiDAR Team has successfully performed over 400 projects throughout 24 different U.S. states, guided twelve (12) DOT’s (including Pennsylvania) through their first-ever adoption of Mobile LiDAR deliverables, and is the current provider of statewide Mobile LiDAR services for various state agencies across the country. Michael Baker understands the complexity, safety, logistics, and communication aspects for successfully performing Mobile LiDAR surveys within urban and heavily trafficked areas. We have captured tens-of-thousands of miles of Mobile LiDAR data without a single lane closure, delay, or impact to the general public, including more than 11,000 miles of data in Pennsylvania alone; and all without a single safety incident. Michael Baker’s successful approach has garnered the attention of the mapping profession, including our selection for numerous awards, such as the Project of the Year award in both 2012 and 2017 for the Geospatial Excellence Awards held by the MAPPS Organization (national non-profit group comprised of peer surveying, mapping, and photogrammetric firms).

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