Michael Bauer Research GmbH

Nürnberg, BY, Germany


MB-Research provides a global coverage of detailed and high-quality regional market data and boundaries for your national and international analysis. The Michael Bauer Research GmbH, located in Nuremberg, Germany, has been operating since January 2004 and is specialized in internationally comparable regional market data and compatible boundaries worldwide on administrative levels, ZIP /postal areas and on micro-geographical levels. Standard products of MBR are the MB-Research Purchasing Power (disposable household income), Sociodemographic Data, Consumer Spending by Product groups, Retail Data and the MB-Research Consumer Styles. Furthermore, MBR offers quantitative and qualitative market research studies (i.a. online surveys, CATI surveys, in-depth-interviews). The products of MB-Research are used by leading national and international companies and in various sectors: retail chains, retail service companies, real estate companies, the automobile and banking industry, consumer goods, capital goods, manufacturers, service providers.