Milsat Technologies

Abuja, Nigeria


We are a Data Acquisition as a service (DaaS) company focused on building location data collection tools, methodologies, and native analytical concepts specifically for the African ecosystem. Our clients come from several industries that include demography, health, insurance, revenue, marketing, location consultancy, non-profit bodies, and government agencies e.t.c. At Milsat Technologies, the confidence of providing quality multi-variant dataset is what distinguish us in our industry. We take pride in providing the best location data service, customer experience and creating an enviable company culture.



We provide Location Data Acquisition and Location-Based Analysis as a Service to investors, startups, businesses and organization seeking to understand African geography and terrain for better planning, decision making and penetration strategy. Data acquisition can be serviced using Geo-apps and IoT powered sensors

Services Provided:

Application Development, Business Case Development, Implementation