Milsoft Utility Solutions Inc

Abilene, TX, United States


The Milsoft E&O System enables an electric utility to achieve optimum economy, efficiency, productivity, reliability, safety and customer service. The E&O System is founded upon a detailed model of a utility’s as-built, as-energized electric network and features a suite of seamlessly integrated software solutions with central operations data and workflow management.



Milsoft provides more than a thousand electric utilities and their consultants and vendors with powerful engineering, operations and customer service software that enables them to do their jobs better. Milsoft software will equip you to plan and operate an electrical distribution system with the economy, reliability, efficiency and customer service that you require. Milsoft stands behind all of our products and we are available when you need us most. We remain committed to being the best software support organization in the world. Our core values drive us to do the right thing for you every time. If you don’t believe us, ask our users. For over twenty years Milsoft has supported our users with expert, dedicated employees who love to help you get your job done, day or night. If there are problems, Milsoft will always step up to help you solve them. A basic principal at Milsoft has always been to create valuable, lasting relationships with our users. We do that by being there every time.

Services Provided:

Application Development