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3D Cadaster is the Future of Property Management and City Planning. It delivers numerous report functions creating overviews, including spatial and alphanumeric results. Once you have it all set, it is possible to examine the interior of a selected property, together with its legal ownership. 3D Cadaster ensures to create a 3D model of each flat (individual units) in an apartment/building, provides visual representations of these flats, establishes the relation between flats and their certificate of ownership (legal information). 3D data collection is a cinch with MipMap’s innovative surveying technology: Using the most recent GNSS-based surveying techniques, we deliver highly accurate 3D coordinates. Additionally, terrestrial laser-scanning and aerial laser-altimetry both produce excellent results while collecting elevation data. On top of it, unmanned aerial photogrammetry is a fundamental source of 3D data that we often use. Data acquisition is the most extensive and work-intensive part of any 3D cadaster project, owing to the complexity of interpreting the prevailing legal documents and geometric management of 3D models. These operations require a much-experienced staff that we, in Mipmap, are proud to have on board. The issue of registration of property rights is an essential concern for eradicating poverty and reaching sustainable development of land, real estate and property markets in all United Nations member states, especially in today’s fastly growing urban areas. It is basically all about creating the cities that we long for: smart and numerically networked – the promise of a greater sense of transparency and safety, higher benefits to all stakeholders and optimum efficiency in managing the environment and governing the urban areas.


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