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MobiAnalyst© ( is the result of MobiGIS R&D in the fields of GIS and transports. It is a Transport-GIS software platform, both intuitive and interoperable, which enables analyses and transport offer optimization, in correlation with demand for mobility. Based on ArcGIS, MobiAnalyst© platform supports a desktop version and a server as well as the latest Online solution in order to fulfill its users' diverse needs. MobiAnalyst© Online offers cutting edge technology in a simple and intuitive cloud solution, enabling complex multimodal mobility analyses. MobiAnalyst Online is a web (SaaS) hosted service, giving access to multiple tools via a rich web interface to its subscribers. Organizations now have the possibility to access MobiAnalyst© from everywhere and at any time, to share their multimodal analyses, and this, without the need to install a software or to handle complex and heavy data MobiAnalyst© Online : advantages • A rich and secure web application and an API • A set of adaptable multimodal analysis tools o Multimodal Itinerary Calculation: directions and route cartographic representation o Multimodal Accessibility Calculation: isochronous arcs and geographic territories that are accessible from an origin point, using selected transport modes, within given cutoffs. o Cross-Data Analysis Tools: population access to transit, POI accessibility, transports KPI, etc. • Access to a catalog of multimodal networks, comprising street and transit data, collected and prepared by MobiGIS services • Possibility of creating and sharing intelligent web maps, built from multimodal analyses, via the ArcGIS Online platform • User access adapted to you organization’s needs • A server available 24/7 • Continuous updates of back-office services, multimodal networks and client applications • User documentation, hotline and Q&A • MobiGIS offers additional services to: • Integrate tailor-made datasets • Develop specific tools


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