Morphum Environmental Ltd

Newmarket, AUK, New Zealand


With extensive expertise in providing geospatial services Morphum creates innovative and customised technology solutions for clients, supporting them through the whole process from data collection and design to display. Our dedicated Geospatial Services team utilise GIS, CAD, FME and other industry leading software packages. We have decades of experience and continue to grow our capacity in developing innovative tools, data analysis, and predictive modelling. By providing GIS solutions to assist in the management of water resources; address ecological challenges; and support engineering design we ensure our clients make informed decisions and deliver successful results for people and the environment. Morphum provides a vast range of GIS solutions to diverse clients located throughout New Zealand and Australia through the following service offerings: Data collection, H&S and auditing – Applying GIS technology to all projects that require field data collection including drone data capture and processing.