Motionworks International LLC

Atlanta, GA, United States


Motionworks International is North America’s leading innovative population intelligence company. We empower customers with our geospatial technology and exceptional data scientists, engineers, and UX experts to curate past (2019), present, and predictive insights on how the total population moves throughout the physical world-everywhere, all the time. Motionworks' industry expertise includes transportation, city planning, real estate, travel-tourism, retail, and multi-media channels. Motionworks curates a synthetic population from 300+ million devices to provide person-level travel behaviors for every minute of every day so customers can make smarter and more confident investment-focused decisions. Our information is privacy-compliant and nationwide in scale with global expansion and solutions across multiple countries forthcoming in a few months. With Motionworks' high-value data, municipal agencies, educational and medical institutions, A/E consultants, and private enterprise can access timely and cost-effective data to target investment that improve communities and advance operational objectives. Customers receive data solutions through direct transfer or software as a service. Motionworks has operated since 2017 with specialists in Data Science, Software Development, Solutions Consulting, Travel Demand Modeling, Urban Planning and Design, Data Visualization, Geographical Information Systems, and Workflow Integrations.