MUG Ingenieursbureau BV

Leek, Netherlands


MUG Ingenieursbureau is an independent nationally operating civil-engineering firm. Our services include the delivery of design, advice and engineering services to a diverse array of clients in the private and public sector. Our expertise is focused on advice, policy forming, project management, design, engineering, contracting (tenders)and construction management within the Civil, Environmental, Geo-ICT / information and archeological disciplines. The Geo-ICT and Geo-information section of MUG focus on data capture and aim to maximize the use of geo-information and the structure of the associated technical and organizational surroundings. At MUG Ingenieursbureau we approach geo-information with a chain perspective mindset ( from data capture to external data publication). During this chain process we advise, unburden and develop solutions not only on a technical but also at an organizational level. To provide a good analysis of the clients requirements we endeavor to acquire a thorough customer understanding. The background of the employees at MUG is broad and diverse and we can also draw on the knowledge of other sections within the firm. Due to this multi-disciplined character we can offer a wide range of products in geo-information and MUG offers high value for her customers.



We can offer complete guidance for data acquisition and data structuring projects from A to Z, and unburden the customer though the management of your geo-information – infrastructure or to periodically process your external data resources (cadastral, topographic & relief mapping) . As we speak in the clients terms (technical, architecture, standards, processes) we know the connections that need laying, so that we can deliver a significant and sustainable contribution to the clients work processes. In this manner we help to keep the geo-data management of our client up-to-date, reliable and complete so that the correct company decisions can be taken by the client.

Services Provided:

Business Case Development, Data Conversion/Migration, GIS Strategy and Planning, Implementation, Needs and Requirements, System Architecture and Design, System Integration, Training Services