Navigate Pty Ltd

Crows Nest, NSW, Australia


Since 2000, a GIS Technology and Geospatial Data Engineering Company that builds Enterprise, Desktop and Mobile data solutions from HERE and PSMA Data. As HERE and ESRI Global Partners, NAVIGATE builds geocoders, locators, cache files, cartography and routable networks for ArcGIS and Server for all countries for which HERE provide data.. We also localise and build the ESRI Business Analyst (BA) for Australia and New Zealand. Other country BA Builds will be undertaken.



NAVIGATE builds data repositories and bespoke structures for all ESRI technologies including fgdbs, networks, map caches and geocoding locators. We build data packages ready datasets from HERE data for most parts of the world. We build geocoding locators for desktop and server using the latest architectures from both commercial and and client specific address reference data. These may be either street address range or point address datasets. Recently NAVIGATE announced ESRI Business Analysts localisations for both Australia and New Zealand. These products include demographics, consumer spending and business points datasets that may be interrogated and analysed using th ESRI Business Analyst tools and reports. Further Business Analyst products may be constructed for other countries around the world upon request.

Services Provided:

Application Development, Data Conversion/Migration, Data Model & Database Design, Implementation