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Utilities and telecommunications professionals use Nearmap’s high-resolution location content integrated with ArcGIS to reduce risk and costs and to gain insights. Nearmap’s current and historical content includes aerial imagery, 3D, and AI data sets that support use cases for electric and water utilities: • Optimize maintenance and repair programs • Emergency and post-catastrophe support • Regulatory compliance with early identification of risks • Network loading and capacity evaluation through Nearmap AI outputs Solutions for Telecommunications: • Streamline your field operations through remote inspections and assets cataloguing • Improved line of sight analysis for 5G and IOT equipment using Nearmap Digital Surface Model (DSM) • Best in class imagery for Design, Planning and Optimization Nearmap seamlessly integrates into: • ArcGIS Enterprise • ArcGIS Field Maps • ArcGIS Online • ArcGIS Pro • ArcGIS Urban


Electric & Gas,Telco,Water Resources,Water, Wastewater & Stormwater

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