NeoTreks GRID - Mobile Offline GIS

By NeoTreks, Inc.

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NeoTreks GRID is a mobile GIS and mapping platform that allows for the sharing of geospatial data between office and field work. Take your proprietary or commercial mapping content "off the grid" with the tap of the finger. Make field observations and share them back to the office, create markups, record locations, take measurements, and more. NeoTreks GRID was built using the powerful ESRI mobile SDK and has been highly customized to provide a simple and easy to use offline caching mechanism that allows you to take virtually any web map into the field without cellular coverage. The simple and intuitive interface allows for rapid download and removal of maps, shapefiles, or kml/kmz data. Once in the field the markup tools allow you to digitize features, assign custom symbologies, take geo-referenced photos, and share it all back to your office or desktop with the push of a button.

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