Nexiga GmbH

Bonn, NW, Germany


As one of the market leader in Location Intelligence and geomarketing, one of our primary goals is to describe markets, areas and target groups throughout Germany, accurate to house level and true to reality. We have worked for well-known companies in many different industries for more than 40 years now and find just the right solution for them to both general issues and specific questions. We are one of the few providers in Germany to offer all the components required for successful Location Intelligence from one source. Nexiga’s house-specific data, its smart analyses and accurate GIS and geocoding solutions provide cross-industrial insights and profound knowledge for the design of sophisticated marketing and sales strategies. True to our philosophy of »next level geomarketing«, we are one of the few providers in Germany to offer all the components required for successful geomarketing from one source: data, software systems and individual analyses.



Data & Systems With its comprehensive micro-geographic database, Nexiga offers a wide range of cross-industry indicators such as e.g. purchasing power, residential environments, or socio-demographics for the segmentation and profiling of customers and target audiences as well as industry-specific information such as the house-specific availability of broadband or mobile phone connections, building heights, pedestrian frequency and environments. Our GIS software Nexiga Marktanalyst combines our high-quality data and multiple analyses into a unique system. It is perfectly tailored to suit your requirements. As a one-stop solution, this geomarketing system enables you quickly and significantly to improve your area and location planning and it allows for individual reporting structures and contents. Analytics Help from A as in analysis to Z as in zonal marketing The success of your business depends on fine-tuning several factors. The more precisely you work, the more reliably you will reach your goal. We answer your questions and provide practical assistance for individual analyses (potential analysis, area planning etc.). Get useful tips on optimum application – working together with you, our experienced in-house statisticians and analysts solve every geomarketing issue. Services Innovative products, all-encompassing know-how, top quality and reliability. We are a geomarketing pioneer, a trendsetter in the industry and one of the market leaders.

Services Provided:

Application Development, Business Case Development, Data Conversion/Migration, Data Model & Database Design, GIS Strategy and Planning, Implementation, Needs and Requirements, System Architecture and Design, System Integration, Training Services