Phoenix, AZ, United States


SAMS by NJBSoft helps compliance program managers advance their digital journey through proven processes and software workflows. Our team has decades of compliance program knowledge, data-science expertise, and technical software excellence. We positively impact public health by ensuring back flow devices are annually inspected, drinking water and wastewater sampling is completed, limiting sewerage, stormwater and air pollution, providing streamlined compliance reports, and simplifying data processing and management. NJBSoft is a proud member of the ESRI Partner Network (EPN) as a current Bronze Partner. As a member of the EPN, NJBSoft joins a dynamic partner community that aligns technology strategies to customer needs with long-term digital resiliency as a priority. The geospatial technology behind SAMS is powered by ESRI and empowers GIS intelligence for our clients by leveraging their existing GIS datasets and tools including ArcGIS Online. Our team of implementation experts have decades of ESRI experience and understand the value of data validation, integration, and results presentation all made possible and efficient using ESRI's technology stack.



NJBSoft provides software support services to all customers, as it comes included with your annual subscription. In addition, we provide trainings, user meetings, and webinars to help clients share, collaborate and enhance their programs through each other.