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A Comprehensive Platform For Developing And Running Visually Awesome Operations Intelligence Applications. SI Suite is a comprehensive, integrated analytics platform for developing, running, and managing powerful operations intelligence applications that enable data-driven decision-making. SI Suite is an intuitive platform for organizations that want  to build and/or customize their own enterprise IoT, Big Data and Analytics applications. SI Suite consists of: SI Server that runs applications and interfaces to any data sources and analytics models; SI Viewer, a visual framework for users to interact with the data and analysis results; and SI Studio, a powerful development environment for assembling data, analytics, and alarms into intuitive applications that deliver comprehensive situational intelligence for decision-making. SI Suite also includes an Administration Console for managing role-based authentication and all other configuration options and settings. SI Server integrates and correlates information into geospatial and analytics displays, rule and event processing, and third-party applications into intuitive visualizations and dashboards. The software includes built-in connectivity to over fifty data sources, including ArcGIS, Web Services and Shape files. Additionally, SI Server features components for visualization, R and REST-based analysis, conditional processing, workflow, correlation, and spatial rendering. The core Map window is based on Esri ArcGIS API for Javascript.


Electric & Gas, Railroads, Trucking & Distribution, Water Resources, Water, Wastewater & Stormwater

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