GPS Realtime Waste Management

By Norsk Navigasjon AS

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GPS Realtime Waste Management is an administrating, navigational, and reporting tool that has been developed to meet the requirements of quality and efficiency related to the administration and management of waste collection. The system fulfils the requirements for ISO certification relating to documenting and reporting in accordance with international environmental standard ISO 14001 and quality assurance standard ISO 9001. The system is completely integrated with the customers existing / office support system. In that all segments within management of waste collection at all times have up to date data relating to pick up points, customers, deviations and supporting data for invoices, the margin for errors, misunderstandings and carelessness is removed. The result is a higher quality of work, improved customer management and higher invoice rate, which again contributes to improved quality and efficiency and better economy, in all the segments of the value chain.


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