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MANAGEMENT AS A PLATFORM This platform was created with a focus on governance allowing managers at strategic, tactical and operational levels to have an integrated geographical vision of information, facilitating therefore the strategic planning of their actions and their decision-making processes. • Change the way of acting and thinking using Geographical Intelligence. • Prompt delivery of information making it always available. • Develop personal and organizational relationships. • Provides a new integration pattern that can access all types of internal and external data. • Enhance quality offering new management possibilities PLATFORM ARCHITECTURE GIS Gestão – WEB module Strategic Planning/ Decision-making GIS Gestão – COLETOR Module This is a multipurpose solution that allows users to create and update vector data, to plan routes and monitor field staff whilst the app is being used. It is also a powerful integrated tool to GIS Management Platform that is capable of speeding up data collection processes and managing field staff more efficiently. GIS Gestão – MOBILE Module This is a mobile solution for visualization and analysis of data made available at GIS Management platform. It is an ideal solution that enables managers to promptly and accurately analyse from anywhere all the information made available at the GIS Management platform.


GIS, Intelligence, Public Safety

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