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The Elements XS workflow designer allows users to design and deploy custom business process rules throughout the Elements XS application. Users can trigger an unlimited number of user-defined events, actions, notifications, and more when user-defined scenarios occur throughout Elements XS. Elements XS users can define their own scenarios and tailor the application to streamline individual workflow processes. Common examples of user-defined workflows include: Multi Asset Automation via GIS *Select multiple types of assets consisting of multiple feature classes and create Service Orders for all assets at once. *Auto-add labor, materials, and equipment costing data based on feature class data across multiple feature classes at once. Notifications *Notify a supervisor when a job has been completed and requires review. *Notify a citizen when a ticket they’ve submitted is in progress or has been completed. *Notify field staff when work has been assigned to them Follow Up Actions *Auto-generate a Service Order Task for the Streets Department to patch the road when the Water Department has completed a mainline repair *Auto-generate a Service Order to send the Mechanical Rodding Vehicle to a sewer line when an inspection indicates the line should be rodded. *Auto-schedule routine maintenance activities based on data collected during inspections *Auto-schedule a leak repair follow up once a leak repair has been completed Other Common Examples *Analyze user-defined datasets to trigger user-defined events *Automate job routing and user, crew, and contractor assignments based on the type of work and/or geography parameters *Streamline data collection by creating user-defined data collection forms The Workflow Process Manager, also available with the Elements XS suite, is an application that processes custom business process rules (workflows) on set intervals. These workflows may be used to process data from external data sources such as SCADA, one-call tickets (811 systems), and much more.


Community Development, Electric & Gas, Parks & Recreation, Public Works, Water, Wastewater & Stormwater

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