Nrby Inc

Manchester, NH, United States


Nrby provides ESRI ArcGIS customers with a flexible data driven architecture allowing customers to digitize business challenges with a dynamic front end solution. Nrby’s dynamic mobile apps (iOS and Android) support a long list of digital workflow libraries that will enable ESRI customers to capture location specific information and populate that information on the ESRI panes which are relatively static. Other benefits include: • End to end Geodata management strategy between Nrby’s “dynamic data” and ESRI’s market leading ArcGIS panes. • Access to Nrby’s plug and play platform via our extensible toolkit (e.g., APIs, native mobile apps and more). • The ability to cost effectively create digital workflows based on Nrby’s SmartPin platform. • Nrby’s data driven platform enables business and technological agility. Nrby has exceled in the markets of Service Providers and Municipalities/Government. During Nrby’s rapid growth the demand, from our customers, has been to place our real-time dynamic data and populate that information on our customer’s ESRI ArcGIS maps/panes. This demand has continued to increase with Nrby customers and as we move into 2022 the demand is now coming from ESRI customers looking for two things: 1) mobile front ends to capture location specific data via remote workforce and 2) getting that location information, captured by Nrby, to the ArcGIS panes resulting in full view maps.