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O2 has developed an enterprise web GIS system for the county of Newell. The system was developed using ESRI architecture (ArcGIS Server, Arc Desktop, ArcGIS Portal), SQL Server database and HTML5 and ESRI JavaScript API. The web application allows county's staff to visualize any of there datasets (over 100 feature layers), query any layer based on spatial and non-spatial attributes, print and share maps, bookmark maps, ability to switch between base maps, use measurement and graphic drawing tools. The web application was designed and tested to be highly responsive that can handle 100s of concurrent users. The web system was also integrated with the county's field data collection systems (Trimble and Yuma). The first task of this project was consolidation and integration of County's datasets. There were more than 100 feature classes some of these didn't have explicit spatial representation and some of these were not in the format which could be readily used by the web mapping application. Working with the county we developed a data integration approach and automated scripts which lead to development of a single spatial database where all the datasets were consolidated, grouped into logical categories, geocoded, where required, converted into GIS format and then published as web services to be used by the Web application. There were challenges on visualization of large number of data layers of varying levels of details. Working with the county and our graphic designer, high quality cartographic layouts were applied to data layers for better representation. Additionally, techniques such as adaptive clustering and heat maps were developed for representing large number of point datasets at small scales. Spatial analysis capabilities including directions, dynamic attribute & spatial search, service area and closest feature analysis have also been added to the application. Innovative integration solutions haven been developed that allows county’s web mapping application to be integrated with county’s financial, document, asset tracking and asset management softwares. Integration with County’s GIS portal and active directory allows easy user and content management.



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