Oceaneering International Inc

Houston, TX, United States


Oceaneering® Global Data Solutions uses Esri’s ArcGIS platform to solve maritime/energy business challenges that require a common operating picture for real-time operations tracking/archiving. In today’s demanding environment, these solutions for collecting, transmitting, integrating and displaying crucial data and video are important for optimizing efficiency while enabling collaborative incident response and reporting.



Oceaneering Global Data Solution (GDS) offers a complete real-time operations tracking and archiving solution. GDS product and service offerings are built to facilitate the collection, integration and display of crucial operational data. Oceaneering also provides Common Operating Picture capabilities for clients and real-time asset tracking and historical data dashboards. Also provided are custom GIS development services for Plug-ins and ArcGIS Online implementations.

Services Provided:

Application Development, Business Case Development, Data Conversion/Migration, Data Model & Database Design, GIS Strategy and Planning, Hosting Services, Implementation, Needs and Requirements, System Architecture and Design, System Integration, Training Services