Octa City Solutions

Niterói, Brazil


We specialize in offering advanced flood monitoring solutions tailored for smart cities. Leveraging real-time data, early warnings, and predictive analytics, our innovative approach facilitates swift and efficient responses to flood events.



Our BaseMap serves as a centralized repository for amalgamating diverse datasets. ArcGIS Online's capabilities have enabled us to integrate and overlay various data sources seamlessly. Through the collaboration of Center of Operations, Waze, and other data providers, we have established a comprehensive dataset that defines regions of interest (ROI) susceptible to flooding. Our integration with ArcGIS Online extends further with the implementation of an intelligent algorithm. This algorithm continuously processes incoming data from Urban Sensors such as Pluviometers, Cameras, weather radar, IOT devices, and Waze. The algorithm generates insightful answers that are then visualized as featured layers on the BaseMap. This integration is facilitated not only through our API but also utilizes the ArcGIS JavaScript API, ensuring a real-time and streamlined flow of information between our system and ArcGIS Online.

Services Provided:

Implementation, System Integration