Open Range Consulting

Park City, UT, United States


Rangelands provide many environmental benefits: open space, wildlife habitat, water storage and forage. These values are affected by rangeland condition. Accurately measuring rangeland condition has not been economically feasible because of the ambient variation in rangelands from place to place and year to year. To have an accurate measurement of conditions sample size needs to be very large resulting in high labor and equipment cost. ORC has created and developed techniques that overcome the cost of sample size. By coupling traditional ground sampling with remote sensing and GIS techniques, range sample data can be leveraged across the landscape to give an inexpensive, accurate, timely and global estimate of range conditions.



Collaborated with researchers, land management agencies, and NGOs to develop cutting-edge land monitoring techniques, which will be foundational to the development of conservation credit markets. Techniques were developed using remote sensing technologies and allow a better understanding of water cycle management, soil carbon sequestration, and document range conditions and trends. These technologies have been integrated with long-term ground base monitoring techniques, which allows this data to be correlated to remotely-sensed spectra.

Services Provided:

Business Case Development, GIS Strategy and Planning, Needs and Requirements