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OpenLM is a comprehensive license management and monitoring software tool. It interfaces a wide variety of license managers such as FlexLM (The complete list), and is capable of controlling licensed applications and reporting license usage statistics. OpenLM was initially designed by ArcGIS veterans for the benefit of ArcGIS professionals. Although nowadays OpenLM interfaces many other types of license servers and applications, it still maintains its original ArcGIS targeted benefits. Indeed, at the core of our senior trusted circle of customers there are still many ESRI ArcGIS users. OpenLM for ArcGIS is intended for System Administrators, System Analysts, Managers and GIS professionals who use the Flexera FLEXnet publisher license manager. OpenLM optimizes license visibility and manageability in their organization, and may produce substantial savings in license procurement and maintenance. OpenLM complementary software tool enables ESRI users to: > Monitor ESRI licenses (by interfacing FlexLM) > Ensure licensing compliance > Obtain comprehensive usage reports > Relate usage to Users, Groups, Workstations and Projects. > Synchronize with organizational active directory > Manage Option files, to control licensing restrictions > Automatically free hung-up licenses > Apart from FlexLM (Flexnet) OpenLM supports a wide variety of license managers , e.g.: IBM LUM, DSLS, Sentinel HASP, Sentinel RMS, MathLM, RLM & LM-X. Read more at:


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